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The people that built iazo are content creators, artists, and publishers just like you! We understand the inherent drive to create, share, and connect with others. We also know how difficult it can be to earn a living from our creations.

Creating quality digital content takes hard work, time, and talent, and it most certainly deserves to be financially rewarded. We designed iazo to make that possible for us all!

Sell Anything Digital

So long as your content is digital, you can probably sell and market it on iazo. With a wide variety of content types to publish in, including articles, audios, documents, ebooks, galleries, graphics, photos, software, videos, and more, there are endless possibilities to gain exposure for your work!

Publishing Tools

Publishing your digital content has never been this easy! Our step-by-step publishing tool is fast, intuitive, and has all the options you need to best present your digital work. Within a few short steps you can upload your media, specify pricing terms, add topics, and a media rich page to help turbo-charge your sales.

Downloads and Streams

Depending upon the type of digital content you’re selling, your audience may want to download it, stream it, or maybe both! We’ve made that all possible by allowing you to choose how your content should best be sold and accessed. Sell your content for individual downloads at your preferred price, or allow your content to be accessed for streaming under a store-wide subscription model. The choice is yours!

Pricing Freedom

No one knows better than you what your content is worth! On iazo you have complete freedom to set your own pricing on all downloadable content. Our publishing tool helps guide you to set a reasonable price and know exactly how much money you’ll make per sale. You can even share your content for free to gain extra exposure.

Any Currency, Anywhere

Iazo supports processing purchase payments in 135+ currencies, allowing you to charge customers in their native currency while receiving funds in yours. Your customers will enjoy the convenience of paying in their native currency without any conversion fees. This is especially helpful to have a global presence, as charging in a customer’s native currency can greatly increase your sales.

Direct Secure Payouts

The iazo payouts system is powered by Stripe, one of the world’s largest, most reputable, and secure payment processors. Unlike many other marketplaces which require an intermediary account to get paid, all payouts on iazo are made directly to your bank account or debit card and can be setup in over 50 countries!

Sales Dashboard

As a seller on iazo you will have access to an extremely powerful sales dashboard, providing you with a wealth of sales information and metrics. You’ll always be in-the-know with a convenient sales summary, sales history, and the ability to drive into sales metrics at any level of detail you need.

Marketing Tools

It takes a lot more than simply publishing content to generate sales. You need to put that content directly in front of your target audience. We’ve created a comprehensive set of marketing features and tools to help sellers maximize exposure and supercharge sales! Invite your own supporters, feature/boost your content across iazo, create custom discounts/coupons, and much more!

Analytics Tools

Knowing how your digital store is performing is extremely important for its success. You’ll always be in-the-know with the advanced analytics features and tools on iazo. Monitor, measure, and analyze your key metrics such as sales, user engagement, number of streams, downloads, views, kudos, and much more!

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